Denise Schaefer
Maulrainweg 13 / 1
DE-74189 Weinsberg
+49 (0) 163 / 68 64 60 9

Taxpayer identification number (TIN):  65349 / 53911
Sales (VAT) Tax-ID:                              DE256633832 

Holder: Denise Schaefer


With judgement of May 12, 1998 the "Landgericht Hamburg" has ruled, that by adding links one might be also held responsible for the contents of the linked sites.
This can only be prevented by explicitly distancing oneself from that content.
The following applies to all external links on this home page: I herewith dissociate myself explicitly from all content of all sites linked to my home page and do not adopt any of this content as my own.

Concept, design and realisation

Werbestudio Uwe Wasserthal, Darmstadt

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