Range of services

Whether it's about finding out what your customer really wants, your projects need steering or remediation or if s.o. just needs to have an eye on the quality, my roles and range of services are governed by your needs & requirements. Onsite, in your environment and based on the standards and processes you have defined.

Should you need someone to coordinate or support your offshore projects however, I'll be glad to go there too.

A project's outcome is defined in the very beginning, so that's where I would like to come in - helping you derive projects from your visions. But my support doesn't end at project defintion, planning and proposal management.

I'd love to see your projects all the way through to a splendid finish and - possibly - beyond to a new beginning.            

As a "hassle free one-stop-liaison" for you and your clients I offer consulting and support with

  Project initiation and planning
  Proposal management
  Project management and controlling
  Project reviews, health checks and remediation
  Business analysis and detailed requirements specification
  Know how transfer for the teams throughout the life cycle
  Designing and holding trainings and workshops, coaching
  Quality management, quality assurance and test activites
  Process definition and management
  Attending to and integrating other partners (global sourcing partners also) and service providers

Together we will define the optmium services for you. I'll be happy to then draw up a customized proposal.

Please contact me for any questions you may have.

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